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Procurement Committee

Procurement Committee 20160815_104907

Order / Corrigendum in Grievances Redressed Committee & Order of Technical Committee.

Order / Corrigendum  Grievances redressed Committee and Technical Committee for the purpose of Bid evaluation for relief good/ items PDMA Balochistan.

Download Attachment of Order and Corrigendum:


Invitation for Bids

Prcurement of Emergency Ambulance with Fabrication & Equipment, Fabricated Fire Truck with imported Pump rather than China and Korea, Water Bowser Truck, Fire fighting Motorcycles, Wireless Communication and Miscellaneous Rescue Equipment.

Combine Resuce Tender revised dates


Rescue 1122 Bidding and Equipment specification

Download the Rescue 1122 Bidding and Equipment Specification Documents.

  1. BD Ambulance New
  2. BD Motor Cycle NEw
  3. BD Rescue Equipment
  4. BD Rescue Truck New
  5. BD Water Bowser Truck NEW
  6. BD Rescue Equipments -Wireless Communication


CYCLONE ALERT Potential Cyclonic Activity in Arabian Sea

In Arabian Sea, the persistence of clouds shows an area of convection with a potential of development of a cyclonic circulation over there. Sea surface temperatures and upper air analysis also point toward the development of a deep low pressure area. The numerical models are continuously indicating such cyclonic activity in Arabian Sea at a distance of 1600 km south of Pakistan coast in next couple of days.