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Ziarat Earthquake, October 2008

The Ziarat earthquake of October 2008 has been reported widely in the print and electronic media when on 29th October 2008, in Pishin and Ziarat District, 80 km NE of Quetta unusual pair of Mw=6.4 earthquakes occurred. The first tremor struck at 4:09 am local time (23:09 GMT) at a depth of 15 kilometer while the second one jolted the area at 5:35pm. The affected region is the mountainous area and  extends from Ziarat to Pishin (Figure 4A). 300 people were killed by landslides and by the collapsing adobe structures. In the Ziarat District the villages of Warchum, Wam, Kala China, Kawas, Ahmadun, Gogai, Tangai, Spezanda were worst hit while in the Pishin District villages of Khushab, Balozia, Khanozai, Rodh Malazia and in the Harnai District the area of Zardalu suffered.