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Situation Report- Heavy Rainfall/ Flood in Balochistan.

WEATHER WARNING:   Due to unstable weather conditions and significant monsoon rains there would be risk of flash flooding in the local streams and nullahs of Eastern Balochistan during next 3 days. People living in low lying areas along the streams and nullahs are advised to remain careful during next 3 days. DESCRIPTION : On 19 July 2015 at 4:00 PM heavy rainfall & windstorm created the flood situation in District Zhob damaging flood protection bunds, electric poles, roads, uprooting trees, etc. Also caused breaches at various locations to the protection bunds of Killing Hassanzai & Inaam Ghundi. Further various bridges on DI Khan & Mir Ali Khel road damaged /washes away. Electricity lines of Takai & Hassanzai area fell down/ poles broken. The greater pipelines broken at various reaches from Salyaza & Kapip to Zhob City. Further the losses of properties (Four rooms and protection Wall) occurred due to flood water, reportedly, the cows, one motorcycle and one vehicle of DC Sherani damaged completely. The most flood hit area include Kharotabad, Ganj Mohallah, Islamyar Mohallah, Pani Taqseem and Sherani Bazar, Viala, Takai, Sui Sheikhan, Baber Lakaband etc. No loss of life reported sofar except one injured namly Mr. Ghazi Khan. The official vehicle of DC Sherani has been taken away by salyaza river who alongwith his guards have been recovered from sabaza road near Zhob river. One body guard seriously injured while the remaining including DC Sherani are safe & sound. In District Kholu 3 children are death and 6 injured due to heavy rainfall yesterday when wall collapsed. In District Dera Bugti heavy rainfall reported complete damages report awaited. All concerned authorities are advised to take precautionary measure.  Situation Bulletin- M2015 - 2 Situation Bulletin- M2015 - 23 Jul 2015 Situation Bulletin- M2015 - 28 Jul 2015 Situation Bulletin- M2015 - 29 Jul 2015S Situation Bulletin- M2015 - 30 Jul 2015S-2 Situation Bulletin- M2015 - 31 Jul 2015S Situation Bulletin- M2015 - 1 Aug 2015 Situation Bulletin- M2015 - 2 Aug 2015 Situation Bulletin- M2015 - 3 Aug 2015 Damages update 10 Aug 15

Postponement of Tender Opening.

Due to un avoidable circumstances, tender opening of Tents has been postponed till 1st June 2015 at 12:00 PM.

Bidding Documents: Procurement of Goods Mobile Support Office Facility

The Provincial Government of Balochistan has received a Grant from the World Bank under the Multi Donor Trust Fund towards the cost of Balochistan Disaster Management Project. It is intended that part of the proceeds of this Grant will be applied to eligible payments under the contract for Institutional Strengthening of PDMA Balochistan. The PDMA Balochistan now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the implementation of Mobile Support Office Facility. Download: Mobile Support Facility

Tender Notice

Bidding Document Attachment

BDMP Quotations

Quotation Date
Shopping Document Activity-20 11-3-2015.Doc 20-03-15
Server Software 13-4-2015.Doc 13-04-15
Security Camera System 13-4-2015.Doc 13-04-15
Shopping Document Activity-19 11-3-2015.Doc 11-03-15
Shopping Document Activity-19 A 11-3-2015.Doc 11-03-15
Shopping Document Activity-21 Document Management Information System 11-3-2015.Doc 11-03-15
Shopping Document Activity-21 11-3-2015.Doc 11-03-15
Shopping Document Activity-14 (Commercial Screen) 9-3-2015.Doc 09-03-15
Shopping Document Activity-13 (Rack Mounted Server) 1-11-2014.Doc 01-11-14
AC System 7th August 2014.Doc 07-08-14
Call Recording And Management System 1st May 2014.Doc 01-05-14
SMS Service 1-5-2014.Doc 01-05-14
Shopping Document Activity-3ba - (Video Wall) 11-1-2014.Doc 11-01-14
Shopping Document Activity-3a (Multi Functions Printers 1-1-2014.Doc 01-01-14
Shopping Document Activity-3b (Multi Media Equipments 1-1-2014.Doc 01-01-14
Shopping Document Activity-7 (Safety Equipments) 1-1-2014.Doc 01-01-14
Shopping Document Activity-3ba (Multi Media Equipments) 1-1-2014.Doc 01-01-14
Shopping Document Activity-11 (GPS Devices) 1-1-2014.Doc 01-01-14
RFQ Video Conferencing 1st December 2013.Doc 01-12-13
Video Camera 1-12-2013.Doc 01-12-13
Plotter 25th September 2013.Doc 25-09-13
Financial Sheet For Finance.Xls